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“High Security Hosting”

By-Hosting aims at achieving high security from the beginning. Its and independent entity without other activiteits then hosting and support on the hosting products.

Independant infrastructure

By-Hosting has an independant infrastructure (AS61280) which was designed for security from the ground up. The core By-Hosting infrastructure is located in Telecity 5 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Working towards full ISO 27001 certification

We are working to achieve full ISO 27001 (Information security) in a few years for our hosting and support activities. From the start we are preparing from this process by making it part of our design documents and keep up our documentation to match the criteria.

Extensive expertise and 24/7 support

Our engineers are 24/7 available to respond in case of an incident.
The team is compromised of system, network and sofware engineers
Within the team we work on being multi disciplinary in these areas and developing in our own areas of expertise at the same time.

Support up to the application level

Although its impossible to support all possible applications, we aim to go as far as possible. Using open source software stacks, proper preparation with our customers and establishing proper documentation for custom details are the key to our success in this area.

High Availability

Infrastructure for production environments is deployed redundantly throughout the technology stack. Virtual servers are run in high availability configuration to ease upgrade processes and cover application crashes.
“Active monitoring and high availability by default reduce failures to a minimum.“

Partnership with OSSO for WBP Cat2+ hosting and expertise

OSSO manages the operational maintenance of the infrastructure and is collaborating with By- Hosting on creating an secure and cost effective environment for WBP and other high security environments.
The partnership allows both parties to match regulations and participate in security audits more effectively.